Saturday, 30 November 2013

Viral Story of Drunk Man being Eaten by Python:Fake

Here's the Viral Picture

And Here is the Viral Tweet

Before We Move on to the facts of the Picture,
Let Us Make a Note to not to Drink in India.

A Simple Google Image Search Reveals that few months,the same picture got viral claiming that a Python Ate a Lady near Durban North on June 2013.

The picture was clicked by Linda Laina Nyatoro, a South African reporter who witnessed the incident.

Oh Wait,Lets go to Google Page No. 2
The South African Incident occurred around September 2013.
However,there's a Reddit Link which claims a Snake ate a Man in Jakarta, Indonesia Floods in January 2013.

Another Site claims an incident about a 4 year old eaten by a snake in Malaysia with the same picture in November 2012.

While another Chinese site published the same Picture claiming a man eaten by Python back in August 2012.

All of the above can't be simultaneously true, obviously.Also,No news channel has ever Confirmed it.

Also,I have read in a book that A python Always eats the Prey's Head 1st (99 of 100 cases) unlike the Picture.Also an Python's mouth cant expand so much to eat a Man's broad Shoulders under normal conditions.

The Above Paragraph,read together with the one before it,leads to the conclusion that picture is mere Hoax.


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